Programs Overview

General English
CAMPUS General English Course provides an all-around understanding of the language including grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening comprehension and conversation. Course contents are presented in a carefully sequenced syllabus through extended narratives, video sequences and dialogs, reinforced by a wide variety of engaging exercises that provide the intensive practice essential for mastery. The speech lessons, designed to improve oral fluency, also reinforce grammar and vocabulary, helping students to talk about their lives and the world around them with increasing confidence.

TOEFL Preparation
In a competitive world, good qualifications are increasingly important. These courses help students to earn valuable qualifications that are proof of their level of English are accepted by universities, colleges and employers around the world. This course provides detailed examination preparation, while also developing one’s general skills and abilities. The TOEFL exam is an important part of preparing to study at college or university. For entry to an English-speaking university or college, a high score in the TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required. This is proof of one’s ability to study academic subjects in English. These examinations are also recognized by many international employers and local US hospitals. This intensive program provides rigorous exam preparation as well as general skills development. Students will do extensive work on sample questions – vital to giving them the skills needed to succeed in these exams.

Academic Preparation This course is an intensive program to prepare students for US colleges or universities. For students seeking intensive Academic English Skills, this class if focused about 4 primary skill needed for language/second language acquisition: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing; therefore, it is astute to select textual material that is both in tune with the 4 afore-mentioned skills, andthat divides the delivery of said skills into a coherent and comprehensive format.