General English

Students must be required to take an entrance exam to see what course level would be right for them. These levels are:

Level 1:
(Pre-requisite: Appropriate Placement Exam Score) Beginners (for those with no prior exposure to English or who know only a few words in English). Students under this level begin with the alphabet and numbers. This level also includes basic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing of basic sentences, phrases, and expressions related to everyday “survival” situation.
Level 2:
(Pre-requisite: Level 1 or Appropriate Placement Exam Score) Lower intermediate (for those who have fundamental ability to communicate in daily “survival” situations). This course reinforces the fundamental grammar and vocabulary needed for basic communication. Emphasis is on spoken English, but reading and writing are also included. Level 2 covers all the basic verb tenses
Level 3:
(Prerequisite: Level 2 or Appropriate Placement Exam Score) Intermediate (for students who have completed the basic levels and have the ability to speak English with some confidence). Oral competency is highly emphasized. Instruction will include more complex grammar and idiomatic expressions.
Level 4:
(Prerequisite: Level 3 or Appropriate Placement Exam Score) Upper Intermediate (for students who use English with ease and in a range of culturally appropriate ways but have yet to gain true fluency). Emphasis is placed on idiomatic expression and vocabulary development, refining grammar and learning how to discuss, argue, and express opinions in a culturally acceptable way.
Level 5:
(Prerequisite: Level 4 or Appropriate Placement Exam Score) Advanced The Course enhances student’s academic reading and writing skills. They will be exposed to texts containing the Academic Word List, and will improve their comprehension skills. They will expand their knowledge of academic writing, learning how to write various types of essays and reports. They will be exposed to the complete writing process, and develop their skills in drafting and editing their work.

Tution cost:

  • Duration
  • Tuition
  • 16 weeks
  • $ 1,700.00
  • 32 weeks
  • Call for price
  • 64 weeks
  • Call for price