Academic Prep

Study Plan
Each study program provides 20 hours per week. There is a strong emphasis on improving your communication skills through active use of the language. There are three separate modules.
– Emphasis is placed on academic English.
– Students will develop their skills in essay writing, note-taking, listening to lectures, participating in seminars and workshops, increasing reading speed, making presentations and adapting to college life in the US.
– They will also receive grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation instruction in the General English module.

How is it different from GE courses?
Students receive more instructional hours and receive specific practice in academic skills. They will be required to complete homework and additional assignments. The course is more rigorous and structured than the current GE courses. It is for students who are serious about studying and who are motivated to improve. Students will really be required to work hard. – Students receive intensive instruction and specific practice in academic skills.
– The course is rigorous and structured.
– CAMPUS’s relationships with colleges and universities in the US can assure you a place at a quality academic institution if you complete the course successfully.
– CAMPUS’s Academic Preparation program runs on campus at a US college, meaning you are on site and part of College life while you improve your English (currently NY only)
– Our course is specifically designed to help international students adjust to the demands of studying in the US. Going to college in the US is a very different experience than studying in your country. Being as prepared as possible is essential for success.

Tution cost:

  • Duration
  • Tuition
  • 16 weeks
  • $ 1,700.00
  • 32 weeks
  • Call for price
  • 64 weeks
  • Call for price