About Us

CAMPUS Education (hereinafter referred to as “CAMPUS”), a non-degree granting vocational institution, approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the New Jersey Department of Education was founded and began its first class in August 1999. At its inception, CAMPUS was established to address what was perceived to be a severe shortage of qualified computer programmers and other I.T. related professions. During our early years of operation, our mission highly specialized: to train students for gainful employment in the I.T. industry. As the number of students from other parts of the world increased, English language training programs were also introduced to ensure that students were functional in English.

Why Us?

Small Class Size
Generally, we have 8-15 students per class, as opposed to 15+ students per class, which is often the case of ESL programs at community colleges or universities. Small class size allows you to have more opportunity to receive feedback from your teacher.
We offer various course options. There are six levels for the four courses for the TOEFL iBT Prep Program, and four courses for the Professional English Program. Intensive English Program, Great Teaching Faculty We conduct teacher evaluations every term for quality control of our faculty. Teacher performance is our priority.
Great Students
Your classmates are very important in creating an environment conducive to your learning. We strive to accept only academically oriented students by discouraging applicants with other objectives in mind. Low Tuition but High Quality Our tuition is very affordable for the quality of teaching and amenities you will be receiving.

Our Mission

– To provide comprehensive training on computer networking, programming, office administration, client server and E-commerce
– To provide English language training to ensure that students are proficient in the English language
– To provide intensive training and competency program in healthcare services such as Medical Administrative Assistant (Billing & Coding), the Certified Nursing Aide, NCLEX review, and other, to meet the increasing demand for healthcare professionals in the US.